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1. Syncretizing
  Syncretizing advanced theory and practical experience in enterprise; Syncretizing professional model and customer-oriented solutions; Syncretizing to solve practical problems and the root of the problem; Syncretizing consulting and training; Syncretizing return and investment.

2. Systemic 
Enterprises are organic whole, departments, functions, all aspects of each other cultures, mutual influence, must be based on systems thinking to solve business issues. Even if the enterprise is required to solve the problem of a subsystem, we will provide a solution subsystem ideas and suggestions, rather than a 'stop-gap measures.'

3. Actual implementation
Win the competitiveness of enterprises in the implementation, we believe that the consultation program to provide merely a theoretical idea and is far from sufficient, but also must have a strong operational, so that the consulting program will not become a 'castle in the air.'

4. Forward-looking
Based on the status, look to the future. We stand on the consulting program will look at the future position of the status of enterprises, focusing on long-term development of enterprises.

5. The Value
Kaizen process is a continuous improvement, constant innovation and value-added process, our consulting program is to provide value-added services for the enterprise to eliminate waste and create value.

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