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  C&K consultancy corporation is following the 'Taiichi Ohno' ideology of continuing kaizen ,Who is the best foumus kaizen expert in Japan,commitment to research and to improve Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries to improve the quality of advanced kaizen methods and techniques, combined with Chinese national conditions and characteristics of corporate culture, the implementation of and development with Chinese characteristics, the spirit of continuing kaizen and culture of China from the 'big country of manufacturing' into the world's ' strong country of manufacturing ' to lead the global economy.
  In operating the above purpose, C&K focus on the provision of TPM (Total Productive Management)&WCM(World Class Manufacturing);Lean (Lean Production)&TPS (Toyota Production System); TCD (Total Cost Down); IE (Industrial Engineering) ;  Kaizen Tools, such as a full range of consulting and training services all the time.
  According to the different status of each enterprise diagnosis, more than has been the introduction of proven business practices to improve the methods and tools, Ono consulting firm to help companies improve and optimize the people, machines, materials, goods, law, ring, etc. processes, and enhance quality; costs; delivery areas such as competitiveness. To help companies complete the transition from ordinary to good to excellent change!
  In C&K consultancy corporation, the team of experts and consultants come from Japan, the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan district in China, Chinese mainland, different cultural backgrounds to meet the needs of the company. In order to continue to create value to customers, C&K corporation  has a rigorous selection process, experts must have excellent professional knowledge, team spirit and corporate responsibility, we must have for many years to improve the well-known enterprises, work experience, but also have years of experience to improve the counseling.
  So far, C&K consultancy corporation has serviced for nearly 1000 customers, ranging from manufacturing to service industries, to include a number of domestic and international well-known companies in the world. Most customers are long-term cooperation in a row, some of which have been working together for clients 10 years and will continue to fully reflect the continuous improvement and improve the essence of life-long!
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